Is a caregiver on your Christmas list this year? If you’re not sure what gift would be perfect for them, we’re here to help. When considering a gift that’s thoughtful and personal, remember that caregivers have a tough job. The best gifts make them feel supported and even allow for some respite from caregiving. If you’re having trouble thinking of gift ideas for the caregiver in your life, check out some ideas below, courtesy of the experts at CountryHouse. The ideas below are divided into several categories and fit any budget!

Useful Things

  • A gift card to a store they frequent, such as Walmart, Target, etc.
  • Safety/assistive devices (exit alarms, hand-held shower, safety knobs).
  • House cleaning services – either one time, or recurring.
  • Lawn care service – again, either one time or recurring.
  • If they live in an area where winter is a concern, hire someone to shovel their walkway and driveway during the season.
  • A home delivered meal service or ready made meals to give them a bit of freedom from cooking.
  • Groceries delivered to their home.

Fun Things

  • A gift card for a massage treatment, spa day or facial.
  • A meal from their favorite restaurant.
  • Tickets to an event they’d enjoy (with you staying with their loved one during the duration).
  • A gift card to their favorite coffee spot.
  • Books or a magazine subscription.
  • A subscription to a TV streaming service, preferably one that features some of their favorite shows or movies.

Things Of No or Minimal Cost

  • Run an errand for them.
  • Take their car to get washed.
  • Make them a week or two’s worth of homemade frozen meals.
  • Help them with a home project (or just complete it yourself).
  • Offer to sit with their loved one while they take a short break from care – suggest they do something they love such as go to a movie, go on a walk or visit friends!
  • Offer to take their loved one on a drive while they rest at home or finish a project.
  • Offer to come over to keep their loved one occupied for awhile – playing a game, watching favorite TV shows or just reminiscing are all good activities.
  • Offer to research local respite care or day stay options for their loved one.
  • Sit with them and just listen.

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