How to tame a wild tongue essay

Gloria Anzaldua, a Mexican writer, managed to make a passionate case out of the emergence of different languages and dialect as a result of historical and global developments. With almost a dozen of languages that the circumstances had presented to her and her people, she had somehow connected this with societal issues with the relevance of which highlighted in her essay. Scattered among the vast regions of Mexico and America, these people managed to come up with their own variant of the two languages they were exposed to – English and Spanish.

The essay states that since they are not able to equal the speaking prowess of native speakers, an amalgamation of some sorts occurred. Hence, the presence of the language variations mentioned earlier. Through them, the Mexicans were able to express on their own and somehow had created a fusion of languages akin to them. Basically, what their Spanish variant isn’t Castilian which is the official language of Spain nor their English is American which the United States of America officially uses.

On the other hand, the author has also highlighted the relationship of her identity with that of her language. In a way, she contends that in sticking to her native tongue and adamantly refusing to learn the American language, she still managed to retain her Chicano identity. Hence, for her, the use of the native tongue is equivalent to being true to one’s roots. On the other hand, it can be surmised, that based on the preceding idea, she is of the belief that learning languages apart from what her tongue considers as native, is an affront to her identity or to any Chicano for that matter.  Regardless of that, however, her use of their variant of the American English would open substantial discussions to that claim.

However, the best takeaway that one could have from this essay of hers would be that one should not be ashamed of their native language no matter how the rest of the world thinks of it. After all, the love for the language equates the love the country.

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