Unlike many health conditions, dementia progresses gradually, and the signs can be confusing or easy to miss. In addition, many of the symptoms may also indicate another health problem. Here are the top 5 signs it’s time to consider moving your loved one to specialized memory care.

  1. Safety: You worry about her all the time. The number one concern families have about a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is their safety. People with memory loss become confused, wander, and may easily become agitated or aggressive, which can put them into all sorts of unsafe or dangerous situations.
  2. Caregiver Burnout: You or other family members are exhausted. Caring for someone with dementia is exhusting, and the caregiver’s physical and mental health will suffer over time.
  3. Health Care Needs: Memory loss is preventing your loved one from taking care of her health. One of the first things to go out the window when someone has memory loss is medication management — which triggers other health issues.
  4. Isolation: Dementia is shrinking your loved one’s world. Does this sound familiar? You can’t take your mom out to eat or shop because her behavior is unpredictable, but if doesn’t have ways to be active she’s even more likely to become disruptive. The result is she rarely goes out and is restless and lonely. Professional memory care staff are trained to use distraction, redirection and other techniques to keep residents calm and safe. And the best communities, like CountryHouse, also provide appropriate activities and stimulation — including frequent outings — that can help your loved one channel energy without relying on medication.
  5. Unexplained Physical Changes: Your loved one looks different. When you hug your family member, does she feel different? Weight changes, frailty, hunched posture, and moving with difficulty can all indicate that your loved one’s ability to navigate the world is declining — forgetting to eat, or becoming less sure of herself.

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