Sure! Here are a few quick answers:

  • Active living. We’re constantly out, about and on the go. The fresh air and exercise of going to the pumpkin patch, a coffee shop, or local park helps those with memory loss sleep better and also live their life as normally as possible.
  • Homelike surroundings and daily household   routines are reassuring and help minimize anxiety. It just doesn’t feel like a medical facility.
  • Our signature wellness program, LifeCycles, encourages whole-person wellness and helps each individual make the most of every day.

The LifeCycles program features a Seasonal Curriculum of Activities with familiar, weekly themes designed to naturally connect residents with staff, families and each other across shared experiences. Through daily one-on-one interactions, group activities and health oversight, our aim is to engage and maximize the four dimensions of wellness:


Social interactions like fun celebrations, family events, and visits with pets and children help residents feel connected and loved.


Activities such as crafts, games, educational programs, reminiscing and trips to local events and attractions are all great ways to stimulate the brain.


Good nutrition and physical activities like walking, yoga, golf, swimming, bowling and regular fresh-air drives help manage stress and strengthen the body.


In addition to traditional weekly worship services, activities that nurture the spirit may include drum circle, listening to music, volunteer projects, or simply connecting with nature.

More than anything, our team of highly-skilled staff members are truly the defining difference. Each is hand-picked for the core values we share and promise to deliver through service: Professionalism in giving our best personal effort; Integrity, by how we behave with each other; Commitment in our willingness to go above and beyond in any situation; and an overriding desire to show uncommon Compassion.