The start of a new year provides all of us with the chance to make some changes – to reflect on how we’d like our lives to improve, and to turn over new leaves where appropriate. This is certainly true for dementia caregivers, who may emerge from the hectic holiday season feeling especially burned-out or frazzled.

As you think of some New Year’s resolutions, consider a few of these suggestions.

Ask for help. Providing around-the-clock care for a loved one is always going to be a big undertaking, especially when you have your own needs to think about. If you’re overwhelmed, resolve to solicit help in the year to come. Ask family members to step up.

Seek respite care. Respite care, such as adult day care, will allow your loved one some safe and stimulating time away from you, and in turn it will allow you time to run errands, go to medical appointments, get a massage, or enjoy some solitude.

Find an outlet for your stress. One of the fastest roads to burnout is to keep your stress bottled up inside. In this new year, take up an activity that will allow you to express yourself (painting, guitar, keeping a journal) or one that will give you a way to expend some energy (yoga, jogging, walking).

Talk to your family members about memory care. As your own level of stress increases, and as your loved one’s condition worsens, you may come to the conclusion that assisted living is the best option. You won’t want to rush into that decision overnight, but you can resolve to start talking about it with your family members — and also seek information from communities such as CountryHouse.

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