If you’re caring for someone with dementia and need some support, but aren’t yet ready for a permanent move to memory care, CountryHouse can still help you! Two things provided by our communities that caregivers find very helpful are Day Stays and Respite Stays.

A Day Stay is exactly what it sounds like – a stay for the day! Day Stay participants benefit from all that CountryHouse has to offer – home cooked meals, life-enriching activities, fun outings, social opportunities and best of all, a safe environment with care provided by experienced caregivers specifically trained to work with those who live with dementia. This option is best for individuals who aren’t get ready to move-in permanently but cannot be left alone safely during the day. A day stay benefits not only the participant, but also, the caregiver! Use this time to meet with friends, run errands, go out to lunch or simply enjoy a day to yourself. Rates range from $100-$175 for an 8-hour stay. Some people choose to have their loved one come for day stays just once a week, others choose to participate more often. CountryHouse locations in Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota provide this service depending on space and availability. CountryHouse locations in California are not licensed to provide this service.

All CountryHouse communities have the ability to provide short “respite” stays. A short stay is not a permanent move, and can range from a few days to a few weeks – up to a few months! This type of stay most often includes a furnished guest room at CountryHouse. Those that stay longer (more than one month) are typically given the option for our community to move your loved one’s bedroom furniture, which can aid in making their surroundings more comfortable and familiar. Short stay participants benefit from all that our communities have to offer, as well as a safe and secure place to sleep at night with care staff on site 24/7. Caregivers and other family members often use respite stays to work, travel, or simply take a short break from care. They’re also good for those who are recovering after hospitalization but not yet ready to go back home or used simply to try out the experience of living in a memory care community before making a long-term decision. Daily rates for a respite stay range from $200-$300 per 24-hour period.

If you’re interested in learning more about either service, reach out to CountryHouse. Our senior living consultants can provide more detailed information and help you determine if a day stay or respite stay is right for you and your loved one.