As you ring in the New Year, you’ll surely want to do it in the company of your friends and loved ones. This might mean elderly family members, including those who may have Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is more than possible to have an inclusive and fun New Year’s celebration with your older family members, but some special considerations must be made.

One simple thing you can do is allow older family members some time to reminisce. For many of us, New Year’s Eve is all about looking forward, but the elderly often like to pause in reflection. Setting aside a few minutes to look through old photo albums can be a great way to help rekindle some happy memories.

One problem that you might face in celebrating New Year’s Eve with seniors is that they are not inclined to stay up until midnight. You can resolve this by holding a special celebration earlier in the day — perhaps counting down until noon instead of midnight. There is no harm in welcoming the New Year just a little bit early!

Having activities that seniors enjoy is also crucial for your family celebration. A scavenger hunt is something that can help your older loved one keep his or her brain engaged. Crafts provide a quiet way to spend time around the table together, doing something creative. Games like bingo can be fun, too.

Note that you can also help your older family members feel included by involving them in the party preparation; something as simple as laying out napkins and plastic cups, or helping you measure ingredients for a dessert, can be meaningful.

There is no reason to exclude seniors from your gathering. In fact, with a little flexibility, you can all have a wonderful New Year’s celebration together.

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