When you have loved ones in assisted living communities, the holiday season can bring some unique concerns. You will certainly want to visit them and include them in your family celebration, and the best way to do that is to set a designated time. As you plan your visit to the assisted living community, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

Attend different holiday events with your loved one. Most assisted living communities will host their own holiday events throughout the season; you might speak with your loved one about the holiday calendar, and find some events you can attend together. Of course, if your loved one remains fairly mobile, you can also go to a performance, concert, church service, or tree lighting elsewhere in town.

Help your loved one with festive décor. Remember that the assisted living community is your loved one’s home, and that you can help them feel more festive by bringing some decorations with you. Traditional family decorations can be especially helpful in rekindling joyous memories.

Bring some favorite holiday treats. Again, traditional family desserts and snacks can do much to stir up happy memories of past holiday seasons.

Offer to help with holiday cards. Sending out seasonal cards is something many older people enjoy; you can offer to help by bringing stationary, dropping finished cards in the mail, sealing envelopes, or whatever else is needed.

Don’t forget the family photo album! Leafing through some old family images is one final way in which you can conjure cherished memories that you all can enjoy together.

Planning a visit to the assisted living community can be a great way to bring warmth to the holidays — not just for your loved one who has dementia, but for everyone involved. Remember these tips as you plan your visit.

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