Our Philosophy

We create – and ensure – joy

for those living with Alzheimer’s disease & memory loss

At CountryHouse, we believe those who are facing memory loss and dementia can experience joy in their lives every day – and with us, they do. Quality of life can be enhanced in the right environment. By triggering positive memories, finding common connections, and stimulating mind, body and spirit, we can make the most of each day for residents, staff and families.

A home for residents. A lifesaver for families.

We call CountryHouse a memory care residence. The word residence is emphasized, because we want everyone to feel at home here. Residents are invited to bring their own furniture and mementos and experience the feeling of being “home.” This personalization helps us learn each resident’s story so we can engage them and truly have them become a part of our CountryHouse family.

From supporting those who are still caring for a loved one at home to education and special family events, at CountryHouse we also provide care and comfort to families and to all those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We understand the toll it takes on families … so when the care is left to us, families can be families once again.

What we believe

Our CountryHouse philosophy

So long as a person is living, they are on a journey — and there remains ample opportunity for joy and for wonder. That is our philosophy here at CountryHouse, and it guides everything we do on behalf of our residents and families. We don’t settle for providing a place for people just to stay. Instead, we seek to make every part of every day truly engaging to the residents who live with us — providing them with real joy and fulfillment.

Bringing a philosophy to life

LifeCycles whole-person wellness

LifeCycles is our signature whole-person wellness program. It embodies our mission, philosophy and core values and provides a framework for helping people with memory loss live as fully as possible within the four dimensions of wellness: Spiritual, Social, Physical and Intellectual.


A story of joy